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The Details
NGC 1763 Bean Nebula Complex
Astro-Physics 12" Mak-Cass f/8
Astro-Physics 1600 Mount with absolute encoders
FLI 16803 Proline CCD
Tru-Balance 5 nm H Alpha Filter
27 February 2014, 02 and 25 March 2014
Las Campanas Observatory, Chile
Ha 10 ea x 1200 sec 1x1 bin; 7 ea x 1800 sec 1 x 1 bin
ACP, Maxim DL/CCD, , CCDStack 2, Photoshop CS5
Field of view: 51' x 51' centered on RA 04h57m03s
DEC-66°24'14" (2000). North angle 179.9°; east 90° CCW from north
This object is the second largest stellar nursery in the Large Magellanic Cloud, being surpassed is size only by the more prominent Tarantula Nebula.  Following is a list of NGC catalog objects in this frame:

NGC 1763 – Bright nebula having a kidney bean shape located near the center of the image

NGC 1769- Bright nebula at a 2 o’clock position from NGC 1763

NGC 1773 – Bright nebula at a 4 o’clock position from NGC 1763

NGC 1761 – Open Cluster at an 11 o’clock position from NGC 1763

NGC 1783- 11th magnitude globular cluster within the LMC at bottom right edge of frame

This image is a collaborative effort between Dave Jurasevich and Howard Hedlund of Astro-Physics Inc, in Rockford, Illinois using the remotely-operated 12" AP Mak-Cass at the Las Campanas Observatory in Chile..




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