A collaborative effort between Dave Jurasevich (USA) and Gilles Cohen (France)
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The Details
NGC 2244 Rosette Nebula in Monoceros
Astro Physics 160 EDF refractor at f/5.7 (USA)
Astro-Physics 155 EDF refractor at f/5.3 (France)
Astro-Physics 1200 GTO (USA)
Astro-Physics 900 GTO (France)
SBIG STL-11000M (both locations)
Tru-Balance 6nm Hydrogen Alpha filter (USA)
Custom Scientific 10nm Hydrogen Alpha filter (France)
23 March 2008 (USA)
27/28 December 2007 (France)
Mount Wilson Observatory - Mount Wilson, California USA
Urban backyard garden - Golfe Juan, France
Ha 6 x 1200 sec 1x1 bin (USA)
Ha 21 x 900 sec 1x1 bin (France)
Maxim DL/CCD, Registar, Photoshop CS3
Field of View: 02°10’50" x 01°27’02" centered on RA 06h31m59s
DEC +04°56’12” (2000.0) . North angle 90.3°; east 90° CCW from north
This image is the result of a collaborative effort between Dave Jurasevich at the Mount Wilson Observatory in California and Gilles Cohen at Golfe Juan, France on the Mediterranean Sea's Cote d'Azur. Both amateur astronomers used Astro-Physics refractors to capture the fine detail hidden within the Rosette Nebula in this combined 7 hour 15 minute total exposure.

Both imaging sites had excellent seeing conditions (sub arc-second) at the time the data was collected. Limiting magnitude at the Golfe Juan site was about 3.5 while the Mount Wilson site was approximately 4.5.




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