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The Details
Total Lunar Eclipse of August 2007
Astro-Physics 160 EDF Refractor at f/7.7
Astro-Physics 1200 GTO
Baader 6nm Hydrogen-Alpha ; Tru-Balance RGB set
28 August 2007
Mount Wilson Observatory, Mount Wilson, CA
HaRGB 1.20 second, 1x1 binned
Maxim DL/CCD, Photoshop CS2

The dusky red moon shines in full eclipse from the skies above the Mount Wilson Observatory during the early morning hours of August 28, 2007. The above image was taken at 10h11m55s UT ( 03h11m55s PDT), which was 20m33s after the start of the total eclipse phase or 25m27s prior to greatest eclipse. Approximately 25 stars can be found in the above image with magnitudes ranging from 7.76 at the brightest to 13.42 at the faintest.

This second lunar eclipse of 2007, the deepest total eclipse since 2000, was visible from start to finish for observers in the Western United States and Alaska, the Pacific islands, New Zealand and Australia.

Timing details for this eclipse are as follows:
Penumbral Eclipse Begins: 07:53:39 UT
Partial Eclipse Begins: 08:51:16 UT
Total Eclipse Begins: 09:52:22 UT
Greatest Eclipse: 10:37:22 UT
Total Eclipse Ends: 11:22:24 UT
Partial Eclipse Ends: 12:23:30 UT
Penumbral Eclipse Ends: 13:21:01 UT




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