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The Details
Sinus Medii and Ptolemaeus region
Astro-Physics 175 EDF refractor at f/8.3 + Televue 2x Powermate
Astro-Physics 1200 GTO
Point Grey Grasshopper2 GigE mono video camera
24 June 2015
Palomar Mountain, Eastern San Diego County, California
FlyCapture, Registax5, Photoshop CS5
This image includes the region around the prominent ringed mountains Albategnius and Alphonsus as well as the large ringed plain Ptolemaeus.  Near the terminator at lower left is the Straight Wall, Rupes Recta, a 110 km long x 240 - 300 meter high feature that, although appearing to be a steeply sided feature casting a long shadow, is in reality simply a moderate slope of gradient 7° (ref: Rukl, Atlas of the Moon, page 134).

Also contained within the above image is the landing site of Apollo 16, the fifth and next to last Apollo mission to land on the Moon.  Astronauts John Young and Charles Duke landed in a lunar highlands region near the crater Descartes on April 27, 1972 and spent nearly three days exploring the surrounding area with the aid of a Lunar Rover, collecting some 200 pounds of lunar samples that were returned to Earth.

The Moon phase at the time of this image was 57.29%.




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