Transit Of Venus Event
Mount Wilson Observatory
June 5, 2012


My wife and kids (l to r: Aaron, Rachel, En Lee) viewing the transit just after 2nd Contact with solar film glasses



Rachel and Aaron in the dome control room at the start of the transit  

Alan Freidman of New York (left) and George Whitney of Astro-Physics, Rockford Illinois (right) set up and
waiting for the transit of Venus to begin

This vintage Airstream trailer, converted into a hi-tech production facility, served as the control center for the Astronomers Without Borders (AWB)/NASA
world-wide webcast of the transit of Venus from the parking lot of the Mount Wilson Observatory


Setting up a heliostat to feet sunlight to a 13-inch vintage refractor (left)

Portion of telescope field (right)


Portion of telescope field (left)

Setting up a Lunt Solar scope (right)


White light solar filter on a large Dob (left)

Refracting telescopes ready for the transit (right)


Vintage 4" Clark refractor with Herschel wedge (left)

Massive Astro-Physics 206 mm triplet refractor with Baader Herschel wedge - Wow! (right)


Silhouette of one of the eight 5-inch Clark refractors built for the US Naval Observatory expeditions to the transits of Venus in 1874 and 1882. This telescope
was set up at the Mount Wilson Observatory for the 05 June 2012 transit.