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The Details
Comet C/2007 N3 Lulin
Takahashi FSQ-106
Astro-Physics 1200 GTO
Tru-Balance Luminance filter
23 February 2009
Mount Wilson Observatory - Mount Wilson, CA
L 20 x 60 sec, 1x1 bin with 120 second delay between frames; unguided
Maxim DL/CCD, CCDStack, Photoshop CS 4

Field of View: 03°49' x 02°34' centered on RA 11h18m33s
DEC +04°42’35” (2000.0) . North angle 44.1°; east 90° CCW from north

Nucleus of comet at RA 11h16m06s DEC +04°47'34" (2000.0)


Comet C/2007 N3 (Lulin) was discovered in July 2007 by Asian astronomers Quanzhi Ye (China) and Chi-Sheng Lin (Taiwan).

At the time the above image was taken the comet was very near its closest approach to Earth at a distance of 0.41 AU or 38,250,000 miles. Its estimated magnitude was 6.0, making it too dim to view naked eye from Mount Wilson, however with a pair of low power binoculars it was easily seen.

The above image is a composite based on the acquisition techniques and processing procedures outlined by Austrian amateur astronomer Bernard Hubl for dealing with fast moving comets. This comet had a high proper motion of about 0.2"/second in RA, which translates into a cumulative displacement of nearly 14.5 arc-minutes, or half the apparent diameter of a Full Moon, during the data acquisition period of 4150 seconds (Start of frame 1 to end of Frame 20 including delay and download times).




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