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Ephemerides and Catalogs

Atlas of the Andromeda Galaxy - A highly detailed mapping of the Andromeda Galaxy

Latest Supernovae - An up-to-date listing of the latest discovered supernovae

US Naval Observatory - Astronomical Applications Department

Washington Double Star Catalog - The Bible of binary star catalogs



National Weather Service - Detailed forecasts for the entire United States

Unysis Weather - Great resource for satellite images, upper and surface level data, and radar data




Adobe Systems Inc. - Makers of Photoshop CS

Cyanogen - Maxim DL/CCD software for camera control and image processing of digital images.

NEAT Image - Noise reduction software.

Software Bisque - CCDSoft, CCDSharp, CCDOps and the Paramount ME mount



Advanced Telescope Systems - Makers of portable telescope piers

Astro-Physics - Makers of high-end telescopes, mounts and accessories.

Oceanside Photo and Telescope - Retailer of astro gear with friendly and knowledgeable staff and great prices.

Santa Barbara Instruments Group - Makers of CCD cameras and accessories.

Technical Innovations - Makers of Robo-Focus and Home Dome.

Texas Nautical Repair - Takahashi USA representative and dealer.


Other Cool Sites

Don Davis - Space Artist and Animator