Astro-Physics Traveler 105 EDF Triplet Refractor

Shown here is the optical tube (dew shield retracted) with standard AP mounting rings and a Traveler dovetail accessory plate (AP P/N ACPLTR) atop the rings. 
Affixed to the bottom 7” dovetail sliding bar (AP P/N SB0800) is a Losmandy dovetail adapter used to mount the Traveler onto a standard width dovetail plate.


The oil-spaced objective with dew shield retracted, showing the internal tube baffles.

The focuser end of the telescope showing the baffles machined into the drawtube and the Robo-Focus assembly.   
Note that the Robo-Focus is installed on the focuser shaft opposite from the 9:1 Micro-Touch.

The upgraded 2.7” ID greaseless focuser with 9:1 Feather Micro Touch. The
replacement focuser threads onto the end of the optical tube.

The upgraded 2.7” ID greaseless focuser with a Robo-Focus installed.  A 2” adapter with three large thumbscrews (AP P/N ADA 2003) threads directly into the end of focuser drawtube.


The Traveler’s dedicated field flattener (AP P/N 67PF462) shown with end caps removed.
The large cap is a press fit with a felt liner and the rear cap threads onto the flattener.
The field flattener front ring unthreaded from the body of the flattener.  This ring is used to mate the STL adapter to the field flattener as shown in the photo directly below.

The SBIG STL adapter (AP P/N ADA 671) is 1.580” long and is designed for the
STL-11000/CFW-8 Filter Wheel combo, matching the critical focus distance
from the flattener metal back to the camera chip. The slotted holes on the
adapter are a nice touch and permit quick and easy mounting to the
camera without having to remove the socket head cap screws from
the STL's mounting block.


The SBIG STL adapter is shown here attached to the field flattener.  The front ring of
the field flattener slips onto the plain end of the SBIG STL adapter for mounting the
CCD camera.  The adapter is then attached to the camera’s 2” mounting block with
four socket head cap screws through the slotted holes in the end of the STL adapter. 
The front ring/STL adapter assembly is threaded back onto the flattener, cinching up
the flange end of the STL adapter to the flattener body.