Astro-Physics 1200 GTO German Equatorial Mount
ATS Portable Pier

The AP 1200 GTO mount is shown here sitting atop an Astro-Physics 10" portable pier I owned prior to purchasing my current ATS portable pier. Note that
all the cables are enclosed in plastic looming to help reduce the chance of snagging. The declination cable, as supplied standard with the mount, is particularly
susceptible to snagging on the clutch or dampening knobs during slews. Astro-Physics has addressed this issue with the elimination of dampening knobs on their
later model 1200 mounts and the option for recessed clutch locks to replace the star-shaped external knobs.

Mouse over above image for a different view.

The Advanced Telescope Systems portable pier is 10" diam. x 36" high and
is powder coat finished in Astro-Physics white to match the mount.
It's a beautifully crafted pier combining elegance and
functionality in a compact package.

I modified my SBIG CCD camera DC power supply to enable its output cable to disconnect from the power supply and become part of my cable loom (left image).
This required opening the power supply enclosure, desoldering the wires, fitting a lockring plug receptacle onto the enclosure and resoldering the wires to the pins on
the receptacle. Likewise, the free end of the output power cable was fitted with a locking ring plug to match the pinout on the receptacle. The four screws fastening
the base of the power supply enclosure to its cover were extended into "legs" (mouse over the right image) that fit and locked into a hole pattern on a mounting
plate bolted to the telescope pier (mouse over the left image). The lockring receptacle and plug are standard, off-the-shelf DIN type connectors made by
Switchcraft, part numbers 61HA5F and 12CL5M respectively.

AP Counterweight Storage Box

With a little work, inexpensive Army surplus ammo boxes work great for storing
and transporting the counterweights. Using a wood spacer of the right size and
some cheap carpeting for a liner, the weights are protected from damage.
(Mouseover above image to open the box)

AP Counterweight Shaft Storage Tube

Another find at the local Army surplus store, this $4.95 armament tube is great for
storing the standard 18" AP counterweight shaft. The cap is a twist off design with
a good locking detent and the carry strap makes it easy to handle.
(Mouseover above image to open the tube)