SBIG STL-11000M CCD Camera

The STL-11000M camera body is 6.5" long x 6" wide x 3.5" deep and weighs about 4 pounds. A 5 position filter wheel is integral to the camera body and accepts either
48mm threaded cells or 50mm unmounted filters. Eight hex head cap screws located around the perimeter of the front cover can be easily removed to access the
internal filter wheel. The black mounting block on the front cover offers different attachment options. There are 4 tapped holes for installing a 2" flanged nosepiece
that comes standard with the camera, it being used with focusers capable of accepting that configuration (AP, RCOS). There is also a 2.156" - 24UN female thread to
accept a male thread-end adapter such as the Feldstein #6, used for focuser ends found on some Takahashi telescopes (FSQ-106). The camera comes standard with
two handles that can be attached to the rear plate for easy handling.

Mouse over above image for a back view of the camera

The bottom side of the STL-11000M has all of the same connections as the newer vintage ST line of SBIG cameras plus an additional one, it being the
Remote Head connector. This connector can be used for attaching an optional remote guiding head utilizing a TC-237H CCD chip identical to the
one found in the camera itself. The Power connection on this camera, unlike the 5-pin design found on the ST line of cameras, is a 6-pin configuration;
you can't use your ST compatible power brick with this instrument. An optional 13 foot long DC power cord with a cigarette lighter adapter is available
for mobile users running off batteries. A STL-RC adapter is supplied as standard equipment to connect between the 9 pin AO/SCOPE connector and a
6-pin RJ-11 cable that connects to the autoguider port on your telescope mount. Quick disconnect plugs are also provided to attach to the water
connections on the bottom side of the camera, but the water pump and tubing are optional. Finally, the USB connection assures a reasonably fast
download time of 26 seconds for a full resolution 11 megapixel frame.



This is a Feldstein #6 adapter used to couple the STL-11000M to a
Takahashi FSQ-106 focuser end or any other Takahashi scope
focuser having a 72mm female thread-end. The Takahashi
part number for this adapter is TCD0017.

Mouse over above image to see the adapter attached to the camera

The 2" flanged nosepiece attaches to the mounting block on the camera's
front plate by means of 4 each #6-32 hex head cap screws. The barrel
of the nosepiece has a series of light baffles machined down its length
and is painted a flat black.

Mouse over above image to see the nosepiece attached to the camera
Pictured above is the STL-11000 to Canon Lens Adapter fabricated by Precise Parts in Miami, FL.
To affix this adapter to the camera, the square mounting block on the STL must first be removed.
Care must be taken not to loose the thin shims sometimes found under the mounting block! Three
captive hex head cap screws on the black anodized ring of the adapter are then threaded
into tapped holes on the STL body