Takahashi FSQ-106 Quadruplet Fluorite Apochromatic Refractor

The FSQ-106 is firmly held by two Parallax mounting rings each bolted to a Losmandy dovetail plate adapter, which in turn are attached to
a Losmandy DMM male-to-male dovetail plate. On top of the mounting rings is an aluminum block serving as both a counterweight
and the base for a smaller dovetail plate bolted to it. A side plate serves as a mounting fixture for a Telrad base. A slender arm
extension of the side plate runs horizontally backwards, providing a convenient place to anchor the CCD camera cable loom.

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Unanodized left and right handed Robo-Focus brackets that I fabricated from 3/32" aluminum plate (left)

Anodized right hand bracket attached to the
FSQ-106 (right)

An aluminum solar filter cell machined for the FSQ-106.
The ID is felt lined and fits over the scope's dew shield like a glove. Filter material is Baader AstroSolar ND 5

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For polar drift alignment I use the following configuration: Tak 5mm LE/LG reticle eyepiece, 1.25" diagonal, 1.25" ocular holder, Ext-Q with extension piece, and the visual back adapter (left)

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For CCD imaging I use the Tak T-thread CCD adapter and CA-35 camera adapter, which is threaded onto the standard Mulit-Adapter ring at the end of the Camera Angle Adjuster (right)


Storage case for the FSQ-106 made by NRG Industries in North Hollywood, CA

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