LLaguna Mountains
Eastern San Diego County, CA

At an elevation of nearly 6000 feet, this site in the Laguna Mountains of Eastern San Diego Couty offers
dark-sky opportunities as well as a summertime respite from the heat of the valleys below. Sunset in
these mountains is a particularly beautiful and serene time of day.

Here's my observing site with the trailer and sunshade/windbreak set up to protect against prevailing N and NW winds.
Because of its large profile, when imaging with the 12.5" Ritchey-Chretien it's critical to shelter the telescope
from as much wind as possible so as to maximize guiding potential.

Pine forests of gentle, rolling terrain puncuated by wide meadows
of lush grass are typical scenes along the roof of the Lagunas.

A steady flow of illegal immigration from Mexico is rampant throughout
the Laguna Mountains, as evidenced by this cache of clothing and
blankets found nearby my observing site