Oak Springs Summit
Lincoln County, Nevada

About a 2 1/2 hour drive north from Las Vegas, Nevada and a 7 hour drive from my home in Southern California, this remote site in the Great Basin
Desert is one of my favorites. Located just a half mile off US Highway 93 between the small towns of Ash Springs and Caliente, you can spend
an entire week here and hardly see another person. Summer nights can be delightfully cool, providing a respite from baking daytime temperatures.
Late spring and early fall evenings are chilly, requiring some heavy clothing to stay warm. Winter comes to this area around December
with freezing temperatures and plenty of snowfall.



Not far away is the infamous Area 51 top secret military base. As you approach the small settlement of Rachel, Nevada
you start seeing some pretty weird signs along the road.

My children, Rachel and Aaron, standing
under the Extraterrestrial Highway sign,
the official name given to Nevada State
Route 375 in 1996 by then Governor
Bob Miller.
Advertising for the Little A'LE'INN in Rachel, Nevada along with
an illegally parked local vehicle. Pretty strange stuff happening
in the Nevada desert!
How many cattle crossing signs have you
seen with a UFO symbol on them?
Warning signs at the outer perimeter of AREA 51. The top one
at left is too small to read but states that deadly force
is authorized against trespassers. How thick can you
be not to get the message?